Conquering Established Perceptions: Women and you can Management into the Costa Rica

Eg, the possible lack of common child care get reduce the level of era feminine professionals can expend on their services, specifically considering the gendered report about home-based and kid-rearing obligations

Examining Costa Rican management suggests persisting gender inequality while the country together with distinguishes alone out of someone else through the lot off women in social workplace. The brand new Main American country gift suggestions an appealing instance because of its much time popular record, high evaluations of gender equality as compared to other Latin american regions, unique governmental gender quota system, and you can, contrastingly, its bad globally reputation out of ladies' frontrunners in the personal field. In the event quotas have increased how many Costa Rican women in personal place of work, they haven't yet significantly changed the newest public norms and you may demands feminine come across for the seeking leaders spots, which are blocking big gains for females regarding personal field.

Costa Rican gender quotas were very first legislated within the 1996, however, administration of your own 40 per cent minimum was first weakened. Certain components had been then followed to manage the brand new quotas round the regional and you may federal degrees of governance simply because they was in fact earliest passed. Costa Rica have a tendency to intensify their affirmative-action inside 2014 when good the brand new program considering parity would-be used, indicating that more research off quotas as well as their effect on Costa Rican governance and personal field management is within acquisition.

Female operating to your leadership positions face of a lot barriers across the sectors and for the majority global contexts. Female make up simply 20.cuatro % of legislative seating international, as well as the newest 500 biggest organizations around the world, simply thirteen have a woman chief executive officer.